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Thermax Vermiculite Boards


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About This Product

THERMAX VERMICULITE BOARDS/PANELS have numerous applications for containing heat, as a working lining or as a back up lining.  Vermiculite boards resemble particle board in appearance, yet they are 100% inorganic mineral with a silicate bonding sytem.  The boards can be cut, machined, and screwed together.  Vermiculite boards are used in numerous industrial applications, such as back up insulation in boilers or steel ladles.  For the artist and hobbyist, vermiculite panels have been used as the working lining of a glass annealer, kiln shelf material, and even molding material.  In domestic boilers and other heating appliances they are often used as door insulation or as baffles.

Vermiculite boards can be used as a fire stop material between heating appliances and combustibles or a heat shield within an appliance to protect wiring and electronics.  Molded vermiculite parts can be made to offer intricate designs similar to the precision of die-cast parts.

For standard UPS Parcel shipping, sizes available up to 32" x 24". For our other stock sizes up to 40" x 24.4", please contact us via email, phone, or live chat.

Available in sheets up to 10'x4'. 

Full pallet discounts available.